Catholic threat 1745

Letter providing information about a supposed Catholic threat in Warwickshire, 2 November 1745 (SP 36/73/f22).


Stamp Office, Oxford

2nd November, 1745

May it please your Grace,

To give me leave humbly to lay before you a Declaration, I heard last night in a Common Inn or Alehouse in the City from one———–Richardson a farmer in Brailes in the County of Warwick. He declared that the Protestants there were in the greatest consternation [worry] by the Threats and Menaces of the Papists; for the Papists threaten’d to turn the Protestants out of the Church before Christmas day next: and further declared that a Great House in the said Parish, wherein one————-Bishop lives, (who as he apprehends is a Romish Priest) they constantly go to Mass.

Upon Enquiring of him (the said Richardson) what Number of Papists he believed were in the Parish He replyd about an Hundred Families.

I being a faithfull subject and servant to his Majesty, stirred up by my Zeal and Duty, imbolden’d me to give your Grace the trouble of this, My good Intentions, I hope will plead the Pardon of

Your Grace.

Most Dutifull, Obedient, and humble Servant,

Walter Wyatt

Letter about a plan to murder the Young Pretender, Charles Edward Stuart, 8 November 1745 (SP 36/73 f21).



You will expect no doubt to hear news from me, but all I shall tell you is that some among us here say the affair in Scotland will soon be over for it is reported & believed too [that] there is certainly a party [of] Ruffians appointed to watch & seek an Opportunity in the time of Engagement to murder the Prince, or according to the Expression used at Court to bring him off Dead or alive. So look you to it.

London November. 8. 1745                                                Yrs H. Rx

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