Comb machine

Comb making machine, 1768- 69 (C 73/13 m35 (3))

Hair combs were made from ox and sheep’s horns.


A shew of the Engine for Manufacturing Combs, when it is set for the Cutters For preparing the Horn into a proper shape For pointing the Teeth of Ivory and Box-combs etc.________________________________________________________

A.The Arbor [shaft or beam] on which the Cutters are fixed a set of which there must be for every different sized Comb and are taken in and taken out of the Frame B by slacking the skrew D. The rollers with teeth in them for shaping the Horn, and pointing are put in and taken out in like manner. By pulling down the Handle E it Throws the Cogg wheel out of the Nut on the Balance Wheel Axis which may be seen in the Draught shewing the Movement used in this View mark’d. J.H.

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