Police seek Lilian Lenton

Letter from the Chief Constable of Leeds to the Home Office, 4 July 1913 (HO 144/1255/234788)


4th July 1913.

Dear Sir,

Lilian Lenton or May Denis.

I shall be glad to know whether you have been able to trace the whereabouts of this prisoner. It is, of course, very desirable that her re-arrest should be effected before the opening of the Leeds Assizes on the 12th instant [of this month]. In your letter of the 12th ultimo [dated last month] you mention that she is said to have gone to Scotland. It is not unlikely that she has taken part in the burning of Ballikinrain Castle or Leuchars Junction Station or at least is associating with the persons concerned in one or other of those outrages. Have you considered the advisability of circulating her description and Photograph to the Scottish Police? I have asked the Metropolitan Police to supply you with the photographs they have of her and I have instructed the Governor of Leeds Prison to give you copies of any photographs that were taken in the Prison upon your asking for them,

Yours truly,

The Chief Constable,
City Police,

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