Zaakera Allen



ARTIST: Zaakera Allen

TYPE OF WORK: Acrylic on paper

Judges’ Comments

This is a very clever piece of work which not only uses the historical documents as inspiration but also combines colours and 60’s typography in an imaginative and creative way. The composition evokes POP Art in its use of colour and tone. It completely captures the mood of the time both in subject matter and style. —L.P.

Powerful use of colour and imagery. The composition of the mounted police, dominating the top half of the picture and mass of stylised heads and written slogans convey a sense of conflict between two forces. —G.R.

The form and composition of this piece is held together with the flat use of colour in a bright, harmonious pallet in an eye catching way. Texture and scale are nicely offset with the simplified two tone figures, nicely reminiscent of the mods along with the signature bullseye radiating out over the undulating lettering which I feel is really effective way of describing a moving, chanting crowd. —S.D.



‘Even though they were enemies, the Mods and Rockers joined together to fight for Vietnam solidarity.’

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