Meher Patwalia



ARTIST: Meher Patwalia

TYPE OF WORK: Drawing, Pencil.

Judges’ Comments

This is a timeless and sensitive drawing which conveys the struggles of women in war. It is as relevant an image today as it is a drawing of a historical event. The clever use of red from the lettering into the sleeping figures draws the viewer’s eye through the drawing and the exhausted expression on the mothers face is skilfully executed. It is a moving piece of work. —L.P.

Smooth shading and soft tones. Good attention to detail in facial features and folds in fabric. Noticeable contrast between children sleeping peacefully on the ground, whilst mother remains upright comforting her baby and watching over her family. —G.B.

This drawing feels hugely relevant to the current world events. A beautiful and sensitively drawn piece which reminds me of Renoir. Rendered in graphite its monochrome quality reminds us of wartime drawings suggesting the struggle, exhaustion, fear and futility of war. The red trickles from the word Freedom through the sleeping children as a bloody reminder of price that Innocence pays. A powerful and poignant artwork. —S.D.



DO 133/59: Boundary Commission awards Punjab and Bengal and disturbances arising therefrom

‘The people from the past suffered a lot for freedom for people in India, as well as Pakistan. I have family who lived during the partition and their stories inspired me to create this artwork.’

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