Lauren Peters



ARTIST: Lauren Peters

TYPE OF WORK: Drawing, Pencil.

Judges’ Comments

Lauren has produced a skilful and sensitive piece which uses a clever composition to portray the role of women in uniform. It is full of wonderful details carefully drawn and blended together to create a great piece of work. —L.P

Good use of pencil to represent texture and folds of clothing. Creative composition which combines the various uniforms worn by women in their solidarity and fight for equality. —G.R.

Lauren has created a sensitive pencil drawing, highly enjoyable in its descriptive and well observed detail of various uniforms. Designed in segments we see the achievements and legacy of the Suffragettes in campaigning for equality and the difference they have made to the lives of women today. Today, women have their rightful place in what were once regarded as traditional men’s roles. —S.D.



AR 1/528: A selection of police photographs of militant suffragists held by the Wallace Collection, 1914.

‘I based my drawing on the article “Women to watch”. It is a list of women who were suspected of defacing an art work in a gallery in protest for the Suffragette movement. My drawing shows how women in uniform have fought to make a difference for society.’

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