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Engraving of the events at St Peter’s Fields on 16 August 1819 in Manchester
(Catalogue ref: MPI 1/134)

A MEETING OF THE RADICAL REFORMERS took place on Monday Augt 16 1819 on St. PETER’S PLACE, MANCHESTER. And H. Hunt Esqr presided and in a short space of time the Yeomanry of the place came in full gallop upon them when numbers (dreadful to relate) where rode over and and several severely cut by their Swords, some were killed, and a great number wounded, together near one hundred above one hundred thousand people were assembled.

A Mr Hunt taken into Custody by the Soldiers and Police Officers
B Mr Jos Johnson seized by the police
C Mr J. T. Saxton Printer by the same
D Sarah Hargreaves of the Female Union ditto
E Soldiers pulling and cutting down the flags and banner of the reformers
F The Yeomanry Chargin
G The house were the Magistrates sat
H Constables and Special Constables
I The 15 Hussars and 31st Regt of Foot

[This engraving shows the events that took place on 16 August 1819 at St Peter’s Fields, Manchester. There is a large crowd, with speakers on a raised platform. We can see the radical reformer, Henry Hunt, on the speakers’ platform, wearing a white hat. There are also representatives from the Female Union of Royston and other groups from the area around Manchester. The meeting was held in favour of political reform and some of the demands can be seen on banners. The yeomanry are shown on their horses, attacking the crowd with great violence, swords raised. The men and women of the crowd are unarmed and not fighting back, but are screaming or trying to run away. The yeomanry have the crowd surrounded. On the platform, soldiers are arresting the leaders. The engraving suggests that the yeomanry are in control and did not have any reason to panic. Clearly, the artist disapproved of the yeomanry's behaviour.]

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