Panjab 1947: A heart divided (2010)

Four men stand in a row in front of the National Archives entrance.

Jaswant, Mohammed, Reginald and Tilak Raj at The National Archives.

We recorded the narratives of four Panjabi elders uprooted from their homeland during the Partition of British India in 1947. In 2010, Jaswant, Mohammed, Reginald and Tilak Raj met at The National Archives to describe how Partition had shaped their lives. Their stories tell of the hardship and loss that they endured but also the unexpected acts of kindness and humanity that they witnessed.

Listen to their stories on the ‘Panjab 1947: A Heart Divided’ microsite

Podcast episode

Two Bengali women viewed from behind, carrying large ceramic pots balanced on their hips.

Bengali woman fetching water from well in earthenware pots, 1944. Catalogue ref: INF 14/435

Hidden Women: uncovering the veil of silence during the partition of Punjab, India 1947 

Dr Pippa Virdee of De Montfort University uncovers the hidden voices of Muslim women during the partition of the Punjab, India in 1947. Using first-hand accounts, Dr Virdee reveals how women, often sheltered from private and public spaces, created their own space during this complex and traumatising time.