Report: Baydon Hole Farm



Three meals are given daily. For breakfast and supper brown bread and butter, and jam or fruit and tea, which the children are said to dislike. (The Commandant feels, however, that the sooner they learn English ways the better).

For the mid-day meal, stewed meat twice a week, on other days, rice, cheese and vegetables. Three-quarters of a pint of milk daily is allowed to each child. A supply of fresh vegetables is sent twice a week by sympathisers in Oxford.

Dining and playing room.

The only accommodation for meals, indoor play, and lessons, is a very large and dilapidated wooden barn. Much of the wooden floor is broken up leaving earth only, and there are many gaps in walls and doors. There are six wooden trestle tables with benches.

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Think: What would make children feel at home in these camps?

What can you learn about children’s lives at the camp?  ​

How homely does it seem?   ​