Significant individuals

Observe the lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements. These can be used to compare aspects of lives in different time periods to gain context of significant aspects of the history of the wider world.

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A Significant Person

Why is this person from the past remembered?

Archaeology in the Archives

What kinds of documents can tell us about the work of archaeologists?

Archives Ahoy!

What can we learn about pirates from our collection?
Classroom resource

Capturing our Collections

Artworks inspired by documents found in The National Archives
Session we teach

Choosing for the Archives (SEND)

How can we find out about someone from the past, using documents, images and objects?
Classroom resource

Christmas is cancelled!

What were Cromwell’s main political and religious aims for the Commonwealth 1650-1660?
Session we teach

Coronations: Ceremony and Change

How can we find out about Coronations in the past? How far have Coronations changed over time?
Classroom resource

Edward the Confessor

What does the Domesday Abbreviato tells us about Edward the Confessor?
Classroom resource

Elizabeth I’s monarchy

Rule of a ‘weak and feeble’ woman?
Session we teach

Henry VIII: image of a king

Was appearance everything for a ruler in the 16th century?
Session we teach

Henry’s royal rules (SEND)

What were the rules of daily life for a king in Tudor times?
Classroom resource

Holding History

What is 'The National Archives'?
Classroom resource

Life in 1950s Britain

What can we find out about life in 1950s Britain using documents from the time?
Classroom resource

Life in 1960s Britain

What can we find out about life in 1960s Britain using documents from the time?
Classroom resource

Mangrove Nine protest

What does this reveal about police brutality and racism in '70s Britain?
Classroom resource

Medieval seals

What can seals tell us about medieval times?
Classroom resource

Medieval Society

What roles did women play in Medieval times?
Classroom resource

Queen Anne

How can we find out about her?
Classroom resource

Rebels in the records

What can we learn from documents that show how people ‘rebelled’ in the past?
Classroom resource

Role of a Queen – Mary I and Anne

What can we find out about the roles of Queen Mary I and Queen Anne?
Classroom resource

Role of a Queen – Matilda and Elizabeth I

How has the role of Queen changed from the past?
Classroom resource

Significant People

Key Stage One Activity Book
Session we teach

Significant Women

What can documents tell us about significant women’s lives?
Classroom resource

Suffragettes ‘in Trousers’

How did men support votes for women?
Classroom resource

The Search for ‘Terra Australis’

What did Captain Cook’s secret mission involve?

Time Travel Club Activities

Discovering The National Archives

Tudors: Image of a King

How did monarchs present an ‘image’ of themselves in the past?
Classroom resource

Walter Tull

How can we use sources to find out about him?
Classroom resource

What is a Jubilee?

What can we find out about Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee?