Hang ALL
Killers of
says vicar

MURDERERS of children
should not be saved
from hanging by "mental
defects" says a vicar. And
he advocated that all sex
criminals should be steril-
The Rev. P.E. Blagdon-
Gamlen, of St.Bartholomew's,
Derby, attacks suspension of the
death penalty as due to "the
agitation of sentimental fools."
A murderer's family, he writes
in his parish magazine, should
be made to maintain the
victim's dependants.
Flogging, too
Last night, 57-year-old Mr.
Blagdon-Gamlen - who advo
cates, also, the return of flog-
ging - said: "The time has come
for an agitation to counter this
ridiculous idea that murderers
and criminals are poor, weak
little things.
"It is the unity of Christians
and the Church to aid the poor
and weak; but that means the
victims, not the criminals.
"Every day, in every Anglican
church, we pray that the
nation's magistrates may 'pun-
ish wickedness and vice,' Yet
the tendency is to hand them
over to a psychologist."