Copy of Letter received by Mr. Grant Wilson from a
Prisoner discharged from Borstal Prison.

"Sir, I have been reading the London papers every week
and have seen in them that they call Borstal a
Palace of Indolence and that they give you a spring
bed and carpets and looking glasses but they don't
say that you have to do six months good conduct
first and they also said that when a boy misbehaves
himself the Governor just sends him to his room
for two or three days but they forget that it is a
empty cell half lighted and that you are deprived
of your food the time you are there and if you
happen to have the spring bed you lose that also for
six months and Sir I can truly say that it is
you that has saved me from a life of crime because
if I had of stopped at any other prison for my
sentence I would never have been free now whereas
since I left London I have always been in the best
of company and with people who prison is
unknown to and I have always got to be
thankful to you Sir. Now Sir I dont
think I have any more to say at present so