AUGUST 5, 1879.

"It is said that between
100 and 150 Constables
were dismissed, fined or
otherwise punished for
drunkenness at Christmas

This is not true. Only
81 men were reported for
drunkenness during the
Christmas holidays being
the smallest number for
the last 3 years.
These Criminal Returns certainly make it quite clear that under the
new Criminal Investigation Department the detection of crime has become
more uncertain than ever. In 1871 one person was apprehended on
the average for every three burglaries committed, but in 1878 the
proportion was only one person for every eight burglaries committed.
Again, in 1877, the value of property lost and not recovered by the police
amounted to £97,484, while last year it was £137,498, or an increase of
41 per cent. Compared with 1871 the increase was much greater than this,
being no less than 136 per cent.