Published by Authority

No. 3 Friday January 25, 1828


Mr.W.A. Free, of No. 157, Fenchurch-street, was on Wed-
nesday night robbed of a red leather purse, 9 sovereigns,
26 shillings, and a draft upon Coutts' for £6, at a house in
London-terrace, Commercial-road, by two women (named
SARAH and CAROLINE,) supposed to be sisters. One
of them had on a red gown.


On Monday night between 6 and 7 o'clock, the house of
Mr.Edward Powell, No.14, Baker-street, Spafields, was
entered by the front parlour window, the same being un-
fastened, and a mahogany tea caddy stolen. The theives
were two lads, who escaped, each about sixteen years of
age, being shabily dressed, and both of them wearing fur
The dwelling-house of Mrs. Hardcastle, No.5, Lamb-
street, Spitalfields, was broken and entered, and between
two and three hundred pounds weight of green and black
tea, four lumps of sugar, a tea spoon, and a pair of silver
mounted spectacles stolen. - The house was entered by forcing up the iron grating.
N.B. A short man and two others (one dressed like a
sailor) with a spring cart, painted green, were seen near the
premises about six o'clck this morning.


On the 23d of December, the warehouse of Mr. J.F.Rey-
nolds, of Carshalton, was robbed of nine pieces of un-
finished linen, by a man named JOHN JANNARY, about
five feet nine inches high, light sallow complexion, full eyes,
large nose, light brown hair, about twenty-six years of age,
dressed in a fustian coat, blue trowsers, and ankle shoes.