Case Study 1- How had Changes In Britain Led to New Crimes?


These Sources give details of some 12 offences:

1. Sarah and Caroline, who robbed Mr. Free (Source 1)
2. Two lads who burgled Mr Powell (Source 1)
3. A short man and two others, one dressed as a sailor, who burgled Mrs. Hardcastle (Source 1)
4. John Jannary, who burgled Reynolds warehouse (Source 1)
5. Two men who robbed Walters, Voss and Walters Bank (Source 2)
6. Henry Mason, charged with stealing 5lbs of tea (Source 3)
7. George Nightingale (Source 4)
8. John Spittal (Source 4)
9. Those who pilfered bales of wool from canal barges (Source 5)
10. Those who stole a crate of lace from Wapping railway station (Source 6)
11. Joseph Openshaw and George Arnold (Source 7)
12. George Henry Gold (Source 8)

(a) Divide these cases among your class or group. For each, read the information carefully. Note what the offence was.
(b) What punishment would you give, in each case?
(c) Explain the reasons behind your sentence.
(d) Where the punishment is known (cases 7, 8, 11 and 12), compare your verdict with the real ones.
(e) Research Strand 3 to find out reasons for any major differences.

Crime My Punishment Why?