Training and events

We offer training to develop skills, knowledge and understanding within the archives sector. Our training sessions are relevant from both an organisational and individual perspective. Please email us if you would like more information about any of our sessions. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, our events and training moved online and some of our events remain digital, alongside our e-learning courses.

Most of our training sessions are free, and bookings are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’re unable to cover the cost of travelling to one of our events, please get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss this. We have a limited number of spaces available at each session. Because of this, please only book if you are able to attend, and contact us if you can no longer attend.

Upcoming events

Succession Planning: Identification & Transfer of Critical Knowledge

30 November (online) – sold out

This workshop will explore approaches to the identification, retention and transfer of business-critical knowledge. Drawing upon Knowledge Management good practice, a framework will be presented for archive leaders to assess and mitigate the risk of organisational knowledge loss. The course is designed for managers working within the archive sector looking for techniques and strategies to help retain the tacit and expert knowledge members of staff hold when people change position or leave an organisation. We suggest that you attend this course if members of your team are planning retirement and it would be helpful if both managers and team members are able to attend the course.

Risk and Resilience Grants webinar

7 December (online)

This webinar will introduce two new grants programmes that will be launched in December 2022. These will focus on building resilience and managing situations of immediate risk for archives and their collections. The Archives Resilience grants programme will invite archives to apply for resilience building projects of up to £15,000. Archives will use the Archive Service Resilience Indicator Tool, which provides a quick methodology for assessing resilience. We will also launch a rolling programmes of Records at Risk grants of up to £5000, designed to provide support for urgent, short-notice interventions to save historical records, in both physical and digital formats, that face immediate peril.

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Managing museum and archive collections together

Various dates (online)

This is a series of regional workshops organised by The National Archives and the regional Museum Development teams. These courses are aimed at those who are managing museum and archive collections together and may lack the professional skills to care for and make the best of both types of collection effectively. The workshops will help museum managers and archive managers to understand more about the challenges of managing mixed collections. 

Please register for the workshop that is relevant to your region:

  • South East & East- 11 October 2022 – past event
  • South West – 29 November 2022 – past event
  • North – 8 December 2022 – sold out
  • Midlands – 24 January 2023 – open

If you would like to register for these workshops, please contact Please note that this email address is only for archive services and organisations that hold archive collections. If you are a museum service, please book via your local Museum Development team.

E-learning courses

Data Protection Toolkit for Archives

Our Data Protection Toolkit for Archives helps archive staff who are involved in providing access to personal data found within collections. The toolkit was created by Naomi Korn Associates in collaboration with an advisory group of archivists and presents a simplified overview of the statutory, regulatory, ethical and policy essentials in the context of accessing information in archives.

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Archive Service Accreditation e-learning course

This e-learning course is for anyone working with archive collections who wishes to find out about Archive Service Accreditation. It provides a general introduction to the scheme and will help participants take the first steps towards making an application.

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Fundraising for Archives e-learning course

This e-learning course covers fundraising strategy, financial planning, cases for support, building networks and supporters, crowdfunding, and measuring outcomes and evaluation.

Video tutorials and step-by-step guidance will introduce you to each topic and guide you through online activities, enabling you to put what you are learning into practice and tailor it to your archive service.

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Transfer to Places of Deposit (PoD) e-learning course

This online learning course explains the key points of the Public Records Act for public record bodies. It describes what a place of deposit is and the process public record bodies should follow to select, prepare and transfer records for permanent preservation to a place of deposit.

The learning objectives of this course are to:

  • understand the content and scope of the Public Records Act and the ’20 Year Rule’ changes
  • gain knowledge about the process of selecting and transferring records from a public record body to a place of deposit
  • recognise the roles and responsibilities for managing records under the Act and what the public record body needs to do
  • find out about the guidance and support available from The National Archives

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Recorded events

Take a look at our recorded events on YouTube, which cover a variety of topics, services and networks including:

  • organisational impact
  • advanced bid-writing
  • crowdfunding and digital fundraising
  • Manage Your Collections in Discovery
  • Archives Revealed cataloguing grants
  • Digital Archives Learning Exchange (DALE)