Find out about the UK legislation that relates to archives.

About legislation

All organisations need to provide for the management of their records, including for the long term, as an essential part of their effective administration and governance.


Guidance on orphan works and on re-using public sector information.

Places of Deposit

Places of Deposit for public records are appointed to hold specific record classes in agreement with their parent authority under Section 4 (1) of the Public Records Act (1958).

20-year rule and records of local interest

The Public Records Act 1958 required relevant government bodies and certain public sector organisations to select and transfer records of historical interest to The National Archives or appointed places of deposit.

Historical and legislative background of the Manorial Documents Register

The 1922 Law of Property Act brought to an end the last meaningful function of manorial courts through the abolition of the form of land tenure known as 'copyhold'.

Manorial definitions

Definition of a manor PDA Harvey in Manorial Records gives three meanings of the word manor; "a residence", "a unit of estate administration" and "a piece of landed property with tenants over whom the landlord exercised rights of jurisdiction in a private court".