Images from the 1920s

As part of The National Archives’ upcoming programme about the 1920s (to coincide with the release of the 1921 census), we are looking for digital images of domestic life and leisure in the 1920s. This could include people in their homes and gardens, having fun with friends and family or taking part in community events.

If your collections contain images that show the everyday experiences of people in that decade that we could potentially reproduce for use in our online and onsite programming, please get in touch.

We are very interested in championing diverse history and making sure our narrative is representative of all British people. We would therefore particularly appreciate any photos from your collection that tell stories of families of varying ethnicities, be they from the UK or any place that was part of the British Empire at that time. It’s important that the photos come with some kind of contextual detail, ideally the names of the individuals featured.

We are looking for images that do not require further copyright clearance, such as photographs that are no longer in copyright, or where you already have permission from the rights owners.

Any imagery submitted may be used within the programme, either in our onsite exhibition at The National Archives or in online content such as blog articles or social media. All imagery used will be credited according to the details you supply. Please provide the following:

  • the people featured and any interesting contextual information (names/date/location etc.)
  • how photos should be credited
  • your fees for non-commercial exhibition display and online usage (if you have them)

Please get in touch with our exhibitions team if you think you have this kind of imagery: