The National Archives will:

  • Explore sector metadata presentation through further development of the Manage Your Collections tool to host and present sector metadata at scale via Discovery (From 2024)
  • Investigate data extraction from key (shared) line of business systems to broaden our understanding of the contemporary data landscape in record creating bodies (From 2024)
  • Develop a survey tool to assess the extent of digital public record holdings held by local public record creating bodies (From 2023)
  • Explore, with partner archives, funding opportunities for the development of a black history portal prototype to create a space where marginalised histories are presented and better understood
  • Further develop the LOGJAM tool to assess and prioritise catalogue backlogs for both analogue and digital collections (From 2023)
  • Produce guidance on assessing and responding to web accessibility requirements. (From 2024)

The sector should:

  • Expand and deepen collaborations and consortia to share digital costs and expertise
  • Make digital work visible through sustained and effective promotion and ensure that the outcomes of funded digital projects are modular, reusable and open.