Capacity building

The National Archives will:

  • Commission new entry-level guidance aimed at the development of a Digital Asset Register with an accompanying downloadable template (From 2023)
  • Work to develop targeted support for particularly under-resourced areas of the sector, focusing initially on the charity archives sector (From 2024)
  • Develop and deliver a pilot of digital drop-in sessions for archive professionals to ask digital preservation experts for advice.

The National Archives will continue to:

  • Commission an evaluation and refresh of our Digital Preservation workflows guidance.
  • develop and support the Novice to Know-How (N2KH) learning pathway, with the launch of the Email Preservation module in 2023
  • Run the peer mentoring programme to encourage the transfer of skills from those experienced in digital work to those less experienced
  • Develop and support new routes into the sector including the Level 7 apprenticeships.

The sector should:

  • Diversify volunteers by offering new, defined, digitally focused opportunities, especially to students and young adults, which benefit both archive and volunteer
  • Support staff to develop their digital skills and share knowledge with colleagues and the wider sector.