The National Archives will:

  • Work with partners to review and develop Archive Service Accreditation to ensure the national standard supports services to deliver improved preservation of and access to records in digital formats (From 2023)
  • Work with the sector on exploring ways to more extensively survey and collect data on the carbon footprint of digital archiving (From 2024)
  • Develop a digital leadership programme to ensure senior managers can formulate and execute the digital strategy and advocacy needed now and in the future (From 2023)
  • Raise the profile of digital preservation in local government through engagement with the Society of IT Managers and the Archives and Records Association. (From 2023)

The National Archives will continue to:

  • Support the Digital Archives Learning Exchange (DALE) network for archive professionals undertaking digital work. DALE will meet regularly off and online to share skills and best practice
  • Promote existing resources developed through this work to ensure as many parts of the sector can benefit from them as possible.

The sector should:

  • Make digital preservation work and training a strategic priority. Other work may have to be temporarily scaled back to allow critical new capacity to be developed
  • Share experiences of digital work while it is being undertaken – through blogs, social networks and by working in the open, using code repositories such as Github
  • Begin or intensify discussions with senior IT managers within their organisation to form the partnerships necessary for sustainable preservation.