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Travel through time with our family activities and online events!

Our Time Travel Club family events are a great way for you and your children to learn and have fun.

From the Tudors to Second World War spies, find out about the fascinating and unique stories that make up the history of our nation. Interact with astonishing original records from our collection and enjoy creative craft activities as a family.

Online events

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Activities to watch and try at home

We have a wide variety of family activities ranging from online Tots storytelling videos, Craft Club videos and activities which tie into national initiatives such as the Big Draw and Arts Award.

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Time Travel TV

We also have a huge selection of Time Travel TV videos. While watching these videos you can explore archive documents from home with the guidance of members of the Education team. Learn about famous historical events and people, as well as more unusual documents we keep in the collection. Each session will have exciting follow-up activities for viewers to complete, including a detective-based enquiry exploring other documents in our collection, and a creative-themed craft.

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