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The Cleveland Street Scandal

Delve into a scandalous side of Victorian London.

The notorious Cleveland Street scandal of 1889-1890 is a story about underground sexuality in Victorian times, revolving around a gay male brothel in what was then known as North Soho. The affair was ridden with class distinctions, involving Post Office messenger boys and members of the aristocracy.

Join Mark Dunton, contemporary specialist at The National Archives, as he draws on original documents to explore the scandal in an illustrated talk, traversing social, LGBTQ+, and London history

Friday 17 February at 14:00

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Treason in the Age of Abolition: Slave Laws, Liberation Struggle, and Counterinsurgency

Discover a lesser told tale of Treason.

Historian and author Kris Manjapra explores how the meaning of “treason” was reconfigured by Black liberation struggles across the British West Indies during the Age of Abolition.

Exploring records in a radical abolitionist Caribbean context, this talk examines how new ideas about treason and rule circulated back home to Britain and across the expanding British empire.

Friday 24 February at 14:00

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Rebellion or Revolution? Understanding the American Revolutionary War

How do we define loyalty? Rebellion? Resistance?

And how were these concepts understood in the context of the American Revolutionary War?

Join 18th-century record specialists, Philippa Hellawell at The National Archives and Corinne Porter of the US National Archive & Record Administration (NARA), for a unique collaboration discussing devotion and duplicity during the American Revolutionary War.

Friday 3 March at 14:00

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Treason: People, Power & Plot | Online Curator Tour

Wednesday 8 March 2023 at 19:30

The Prize Papers: a New Frontier in Global and Maritime History

Join us as we explore how the discovery of Prize Papers has the power to revolutionise our view on history as we know it.

The National Archives holds a largely unknown collection of around 500,000 letters and other papers seized from ships during the Age of Sail (mid 16th – 19th century).

Providing information about people often left off the historical record, join Record Specialist Oliver Finnegan in looking at how these papers have the potential to change how we understand centuries of maritime history.

Friday 10 March at 14:00

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Tupaia the Navigator and Captain Cook’s Polynesian Voyages

A tale of exploration, seafarers, and navigating the unknown.

Discover one of Captain Cook’s lesser known voyages: the story of Tupaia, the Taitian priest and navigator, who assisted Cook’s navigation around the Polynesian islands.

Join Dr. Philippa Hellawell, Eighteenth Century Records specialist, and delve deep into the ship journals of the Endeavour voyage. You will learn more about Tupaia, his navigational skills, and his relationship with Cook and the Polynesian natives.

Friday 31 March at 14:00

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