Our digitisation services

We help other archives, individuals, businesses and private organisations develop and modernise their own collections. We appreciate that every collection is unique and our team can work with you to develop a bespoke service to meet your requirements.

The services we offer

  • Document scanning
  • Expert document preparation
  • Secure storage of materials
  • Conservation services
  • Metadata creation to suit your records and usage requirements
  • Optical Character Recognition and transcription

Scoping your project

The first stage of a digitisation project is to define the business requirements. Through our years of experience, we recognise that putting the effort in to scope out a project accurately invariably leads to a smooth process. We will calculate an accurate estimation based on:

  • A physical page count of each document
  • An overview of project specifications; image file format and resolution
  • Any requirements for optical character recognition (OCR) or transcription
  • Consideration of transportation of the documents

We will work with you to produce a robust plan that can be delivered on time and to budget. For advice, or to begin this process, please email us.