We have been digitising our vast collection for several years and now deliver over 200 documents online for every one delivered in our reading rooms.

We are increasingly using our expertise to help businesses and private organisations to develop and modernise their own archives in order to grow business, preserve heritage, increase brand awareness and build commercial identity.

We know that many organisations hold a wealth of archived but sparsely used information including gems from the organisation's history.

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Our digitisation services

Our digitisation services

We began the shift to digital outputs over ten years ago, and now digitise around 8 million pages of archival material per year.

Why digitise?

Why digitise?

Digitisation can dramatically increase accessibility, creating more ways to present your records to new and wider audiences.

Digital image capture

The team will ensure that image capture is completed to the requested technical standard, and that all images are processed accurately.


Our specialist team can lend the techniques they use in conserving our collection to the preparation of your records for digitisation.