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1. Why use this guide?

Use this guide if you are looking for photographs at The National Archives.

Read our section on records held elsewhere or search our catalogue for photographic collections and refine your results using the filters.

2. Essential information

2.1 What does our collection cover?

Photographic material held at The National Archives covers the historical time-span of this medium. From the 1850s they begin to occur commonly throughout the records of various government departments, but it is believed that only a small percentage of photographs have been identified and catalogued.

Many photographs remain undiscovered in volumes, files and papers. Combined, the quantity of photographic material runs into millions of individual items.

2.2 How are the photographic records arranged?

Although we hold a large number of record series that are either wholly photographic or have a high concentration of photographs, much of the material remains ‘hidden’ within paper files. See Appendix 1 for an overview of our photographic collections.

3. How do I search for photographic records at The National Archives?

3.1 Using our catalogue to search by keywords

Several million photographs are either wholly or partly described on Discovery, our catalogue.  To identify catalogued photographs, start with a keyword search to see if you get any relevant results. Search our catalogue by keyword(s) to identify document references or potential record series such as:

  • ‘photograph’ AND subject such as ‘war’
  • ‘photograph’ AND key term such as ‘plantation’
  • ‘photograph’ AND name such as ‘ Alfred Tennyson’
  • ‘photograph’ AND type of photograph such as ‘aerial’
  • ‘photograph’ AND place such as ‘China’

You can refine your search by department code, such as FO for Foreign Office, and date. For more search advice, read catalogue search help.

3.2 Incomplete paper index for places and people

Most of the data from the old photographs database is now included on our catalogue. A paper index detailing place names and people/groups extracted from the database is still available at The National Archives.

3.3 Using series catalogue descriptions to locate records

Our cataloguing projects are ongoing, but a large number of photographs are only described in the series catalogue descriptions and not described at item level.  See Appendix 1 for a general overview.

These series descriptions of records will simply state that photographs are included, but will not provide descriptions of individual photographs. You will need to look through the original documents within the series to discover more.

3.4 The National Archives’ image library

A selection of digitised photographs from our collections can be viewed via our image library.

4. Found a photograph in a file not listed in our catalogue?

To aid future research, please tell us about any un-catalogued photographic material you find during your research.  You can submit a catalogue amendment using the ‘suggest a correction’ link on the records detail page to help improve our descriptions.

5. Records held elsewhere

5.1 Government derived photographic material

5.2 Private collections of photographs

Within the United Kingdom there are also significant private collections of photographs at:

Check their catalogues and websites to see what they hold that may be useful for your research.

To find out what is available locally, contact a local archive.

6. Warning note on some distressing photographs

The subject matter of some photographs may be of a distressing nature. Consideration should be given to the effects of inspecting such material, especially upon children and young adults.

Wherever possible, the series and piece descriptions provide a warning as to content likely to cause distress, but please note that this is not comprehensive.

AB 21 Records of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Research Establishment: Harwell: Photograph Albums. These photographs have been merged with those in AB 13 .

7. Appendix 1

The list below provides a general overview of our photographic holdings and is not exhaustive. We hold a large number of record series that either entirely comprise (E), or possess a concentration (C) of photographic material.

E / C Class / series Description of material
C AB 7 United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and predecessors: Nuclear Research Northern Groups: Technical photographs of equipment used at Dounreay and Hunterston, together with report on photography of technical equipment, 1950s to 1980s
C AB 11 United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and predecessors: Northern Group: Photograph albums for Calder, Capenhurst and Windscale establishments, 1948-1963
C AB 13 Ministry of Supply: Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell: 2910 glass plates showing buildings and equipment, people and events, 1946-1954
E AB 18 United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority: Photographs of the London Office. These photographs have been merged with those originally designated for record series AB 31 and AB 80. They will now be deposited at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell
E AB 31 Atomic Energy Establishment: Winfrith: Photographs. These photographs have been merged with those originally designated for record series AB 18 and AB 80. Deposited at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell
E AB 80 Atomic Energy Establishment: Culham Laboratory: Photographs. These photographs have been merged with those originally designated for record series AB 18 and AB 31. Deposited at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell
E ADM 176 Admiralty: Naval Construction Department: Photographs of Royal Navy ships afloat or in dry dock. First 782 photographs are mounted on card. Remaining 359 are not. Within each sequence photographs arranged alphabetically by ship’s name. 1854-1945
E ADM 195 Admiralty: Architectural and Engineering Works Department, later Civil Engineer in Chief’s Department: 126 photograph albums, each pertaining to a particular Naval Dockyard or establishment in the British Isles and abroad, 1857-1961
C ADM 199 Admiralty: War History Cases and Papers, Second World War 1922-1968. Papers assembled by official historians as background information for the official war history of Second World War. Photographs can be found throughout these papers. There are also five distinct volumes of photographs showing Boulogne (including aerial views), artificial Harbours used during Operation Neptune, and silhouettes of the French coastline (three volumes)
E ADM 244 Admiralty: Records of the Surveyor of the Navy and successors: 26 files containing photographs of Boom Defence Equipment, 1916-1946. At least one file pertains to enemy defence booms (approaches to Kiel)
C ADM 267 Admiralty: Department of the Director of Naval Construction: Damage Reports: Numerous photographs, showing damage to naval craft, accompany reports and narratives of operations and incidents, 1939-1959
C ADM 326 Admiralty and Ministry of Defence: Naval Intelligence Division and Defence Intelligence Staff: United Kingdom Beach Intelligence Records, 1945-1992. This series consists of 1326 Beach Survey policy files and beach intelligence reports of the coasts and inland waterways of the British Isles, including a comprehensive survey carried out between 1946 and 1966 (Operation SANDSTONE), compiled by the Naval Intelligence Department (NID) and the Directorate of Intelligence (DI 19). The files are arranged geographically, covering the west coast of Scotland and outlying islands, then from north to south, the east coast of Scotland and the remainder of the British Isles in a clockwise direction; Northern Ireland, Eire and Jersey are also covered
C AIR 11 Admiralty and Air Ministry: Naval Aircraft Works, Later Royal Airship Works, Cardington, 1911-1939. A subseries within this series, comprising 27 pieces, and several further files, provide a variety of photographs of airships, balloons and associated technical equipment and facilities. Airships emanate from Britain, Germany and the United States. Whilst facilities and equipment shown are also to be found in these countries there are additional photographs of such items from Canada, Egypt and India
C AIR 27 Air Ministry and successors: Operations Record Books, Squadrons, 1911-1917. A number of volumes within this record series include or wholly comprise appendices, a number of which include photographs, most commonly of personnel. These may be groups or individuals, posing or carrying out tasks, or participating in a ceremonial (for example, medal decoration) or social (station sports day) activity
C AIR 28 Air Ministry and successors: Operations Record Books, Air Force Stations, 1913-1977. Material similar to that found in AIR 27 may be found amongst the appendices of these volumes
C AIR 29 Air Ministry and successors: Operations Record Books, Miscellaneous Units, 1912-1977. Material similar to that found in AIR 27 may be found amongst the appendices of these volumes. There are also two files containing photographs taken during training courses held at the staff college, RAF Andover, 1922-1946, and the Central Gunnery School, 1940-1945
C AIR 34 Air Ministry: Central Interpretation Unit, predecessors and related bodies: Reports and Photographs. As the series title suggests a large number of photographs and/or printed pictures are to be found scattered amongst these files. The largest portion of this material comprises aerial photographs taken by reconnaissance aircraft. Additionally, there are numerous ground level shots obtained from a variety of sources. Most prominent of these are those taken by tourists, before the advent of war, and subsequently passed to the Ministry. Interpretive surveys of the Axis powers began during the First World War and continued until after World War Two, hence the date bandwidth, 1916-1952
E AIR 59 Admiralty, Directorate of Works, and Air Ministry, Directorate of Works and Buildings: Ten volumes of photographs, 1914-1932. Photographs depict both buildings and equipment at stations in Bedford, Cardington, Howden, Pulham and Felixstowe, amongst others in Britain, and at Karachi, Pakistan
C AIR 60 Air Ministry: Directorate of Research, later Directorate of Research and Technical Development: Monthly Reports, 1919-1925. Some reports contain original photographs (most are printed copies of original photographs) showing equipment and testing apparatus
C AIR 62 Air Commodore Sir Frank Whittle: Papers, 1935-1952. 37 files and volumes are known to hold photographs of aircraft engines and components in development during this period
C AN 14 British Railways: Publicity: Photographs of display sheets and posters, 1948-1976. Most of the files, folders and volumes contain material from all four regional groups. However, a few comprise a selection covering just Eastern Region Services
C AN 28 British Railways: British Railways: Eastern Region: Civil Engineer’s Records, 1949-1971. Two subseries hold photograph collections. The first subseries comprises four volumes compiled by architects based at the Eastern Region’s Civil Engineer’s Office, 1953-1956. A second subseries, of five volumes, covers facilities, staff and training procedures at the railway workshops, Darlington, 1951-1958. Several other records have selections of photographs showing damage and repairs to track and buildings, compiled for training new engineers
C AN 31 British Railways: London Midland Region: 1948-1966. Within this series there are five undated volumes of station photographs
C AN 91 British Railways British Railways Publicity: Special Events, 1948-1976. Three separate pieces contain photographs of Visit of HM Queen Elizabeth II to Eastern Region, 1962, 24 colour photographs of Duke of Edinburgh’s visit to and opening of Engine Research Laboratory, Derby, 1964, and visit of Sir Cyril Hurcomb, Chairman of the British Transport Commission, to Easter Region headquarters, 1948
N/A AN 161 British Transport Commission and British Railways Board: Design Panel: Photographs, 1955- 1989. No photographs have been selected for deposit into this record series, which will now be closed
E AST 33 Resettlement Agency: Photographs, 1977-1994. 27 Photographs of resettlement units and facilities in the British Isles
C AT 16 Department of the Environment: Historic Buildings Council for England, 1953-1984. A large number of photographs are to be found amongst these files, used to assist consideration of grant-aided renovation and preservation schemes
C AT 62 Department of the Environment: Home Improvement Grants, 1968-1973. Photographs of properties, supporting case applications, are to be found enclosed in a number of these files
C AVIA 30 Ministry of Aircraft Production and predecessors: National Gas Turbine Establishment and predecessors, 1936-1947. Photographs of turbine engines and components are enclosed with drawings in a number of files
C AY 7 Department of Scientific and Industrial Research: Fuel Research Station: Registered Files (DFR Series), 1933-1965. Photographs of apparatus and testing equipment
C BD 11 Welsh Office and predecessors: Local Authorities, General Policy and Case Files (LA Series). There is a volume of photographs accompanying a report on the clearance of buildings in Caernarvon, together with photographs in several other files pertaining to improvements of housing stock during the 1950s and 1960s
C BD 28 Welsh Office and predecessors: Town and Country Planning Division and predecessors: Registered Files (P and PG Series). 18 files, compiled between 1949 and 1973, include photographs in support of applications for either residential development or mineral extraction
C BD 29 Ministry of Housing and Local Government: Registered Files: Wales Office Research Section (R and RG Series), 1943-1975. Photographs enclosed in reports on mineral sources in Wales
E BD 39 Welsh Office: Transport, Highways and Planning Group and predecessors: Photographs taken during the construction of major roads in Wales, including the Welsh extension of the M4 and the Heads of the Valley Road (A470). They were presented to the Welsh Office as part of the road building contract, and show scenes prior to the commencement of work and then regular progress showing each stage of construction, 1976-1988
E BK 12 National Dock Labour Board: 14 photographs, originating from the NDLB Estates Section, of the headquarters, including the official opening, and of local offices, call stands, medical centres, sports and welfare facilities, both under construction and after completion, throughout the country. There are also photographs used during a touring exhibition on dock labourers, organised under the aegis of the Central Office of Information. 1953-1963
C BT 220 Ministry of Civil Aviation and Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation: Accidents Investigation Branch (AI/CA Series Files), 1946-1971. Photographs of a Comet aircraft crash, in sea near Elba, 10 January 1954: may be found in one file. Other photographs are to be found scattered amongst these files, supporting technical reports into accidents
E BT 355 Board of Trade and successors: Structures on the Foreshore. Photographs extracted from files pertaining to foreshore establishments in BT 356. To date, no extractions have occurred
C BT 372 Board of Trade and successors: Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen: Central Register of Seamen: Seamen’s Records (‘Pouches’) 1913-1972. Most pouches believed to contain a photograph (50% would be a more accurate estimate). Around 250,000 photographs
E CO 1069 Foreign and Commonwealth Office Library Photograph Collection: This record series spans the period 1815 to 1990. It contains photographs and artistic and literary works collected by four of the five overseas departments of state, the exception being the India Office. Most of the photographs were originally collated by the Colonial Office. To this have been added items from the Foreign Office, Dominions Office and Commonwealth Relations Office. Collation has been, historically, a haphazard process, there being no specific attempt to collect photographs until recently. The collection, as a whole, has been formed in to several sequences. These may be loosely described as topographical, miscellaneous conferences (most commonly visual accounts of diplomatic events and activities), portraiture and architectural. Of these series, portraiture remains at the FCO (Hanslope Park), pending cataloguing, and the architectural photographs have been retained by the FCO to support their building maintenance work. A small proportion is schedule for transfer, pending cataloguing
E COAL 13 The Cobb Photographs: This series contains a collection of 116 slides which were nearly all taken at the collieries of the former Barber Walker and Co (mostly at Moorgreen and Brinsley) around Eastwood, Nottinghamshire. The slides were taken by the Rev FW Cobb, Rector of Eastwood, Nottinghamshire from 1907 to 1917. The collection is entitled From Pit to Fireplace and would appear to have been used to illustrate a talk on the history of coal mining
E COAL 80 National Coal Board and predecessors: This series contains 2063 photograph prints and negatives relating to all aspects of the British coal mining industry, including personnel, equipment, buildings and special events. A number are arranged in albums. 1890 to 1990
C COPY 1 Stationers’ Hall: Entry Forms: These are the original forms of application for the registration of proprietorship at Stationers’ Hall under the Copyright Acts in force from 1842 to 1912. Photographs may be found in the majority of bundles that make up this series (often a drawing or painting was reproduced as a photograph for the purpose of registration) but the core series of photographs may be found in pieces COPY 1/364-1/566. Included here are the ‘motion picture’ series of Eadweard Muybridge (pieces COPY 1/383-1/390) registered in 1887
E COU 11 Countryside Commission: Visual Resources Unit: 40 Colour slides (35mm) and photographs of national parks, areas of outstanding natural beauty, heritage coasts, uplands and lowlands, and others illustrating conservation, countryside management, visitor services and access. They were produced by the Visual Resources Unit, for use by the Countryside Commission for mainly public purposes, 1971 to 1992
E CRES 43 Office of Woods, Forests and Land Revenues and successors: Photographs and Prints of Crown Properties. This series includes over 2,000 black and white photographs of Crown properties taken since 1878. Nearly all the properties are in London, but photographs of Eltham Palace, Lindisfarne Priory and some at Windsor are included. Most of the photographs are loose, though the series contains several albums. Many of these photographs have been mounted onto card. A few photographs were officially supplied (for example, by the Ministry of Works) but most were taken (or processed) for the Office by private studios. Many of the earlier photographs were supplied by Bedford Lemere and Co of 147 Strand, Sydney W Newbery of 7 Stockwell Terrace (later 37 Cowley Road), Stockwell, Dover Street Studios of Mayfair, and Ernest Milner of 80 The Grove, Wandsworth
E CRES 62 Office of Woods, Forests and Land Revenues: London Estate Photographs. No photographs have been selected for deposit into this record series, which will now be closed
C CRIM 1 Central Criminal Court: The files in this record series, dating from 1835 to 1992, are a rich source of photographs maintained as exhibits in criminal trials. WARNING: THESE PHOTOGRAPHS MAY CAUSE DISTRESS WHEN VIEWED
E DC 13 London Museum: Photographs of interior and exterior views. The photographs have been deposited at the Museum of London
E DH 27 British Library and the British Museum Library: Document Supply Centre and its predecessors: Photographs of the lending division facilities. The photographs have been deposited at the British Library
C DPP 2 Director of Public Prosecutions: Departmental prosecution files from 1931 to 1992. These files are a rich source of photographic material. WARNING: THESE PHOTOGRAPHS MAY CAUSE DISTRESS WHEN VIEWED
E DR 81 Civil Aviation Authority and predecessors: These records represent an artificial collection of photographs brought together by the Records and Archives Branch of the Civil Aviation Authority. The photographs depict air traffic control facilities at airports, air traffic centres and navigational aids. 1959-1975
C DSIR 42 Department of Scientific and Industrial Research: National Physical Laboratory: Photographs accompanying reports on tests of models of sea-planes and flying boats carried out for the Air Ministry and private aircraft constructors at William Froude National Tank, Teddington, 1918-1929
C DT 21 General Nursing Council: Photographs of properties owned or used by the Council for administrative purposes. 1900-1983
C FO 655 Foreign Office: Chief Clerk’s Department and Passport Office: Collection of Passports, 1802-1961. This series contains a collection illustrating the many different types of passport issued. It includes some passports issued in the late 18th and early 19th centuries by Foreign Missions in this country to British subjects wishing to travel abroad. Up to 1898 the passports are in the form of single sheets folded in four: thereafter (until 1923, when the modern book form was introduced) in eight-page folded books. Passports issued after 1 January 1915 normally include a photograph of the holder
C FO 737 Foreign Office and Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Passport Office: Case Papers, 1916-1983. This series contains a small representative selection of Passport Office documents illustrating the treatment accorded to applications for various types of passports, visas, certificates, and so on. Most cases include photographs of applicants as photographs on most forms of passport applications became compulsory from January 1915
C FO 1011 Foreign Office: Loraine Papers: This series contains both personal and official papers, including 19 photograph albums, and three family portrait photographs, of the diplomat Sir Percy Loraine (1880-1961)
C HO 192 Home Office: Ministry of Home Security: Research and Experiments Department. These papers deal with observation of and research into allied and enemy bombs, bombing methods and effects, fire prevention and air raid damage both in the United Kingdom and in enemy occupied territories, 1939-1948. Many are technical reports and surveys of air raid damage to towns, buildings and transport facilities, with photographs as supporting evidence to the research findings
C HO 219 Home Office: Proceedings and report of the Widgery Tribunal of Inquiry into the events in Londonderry on Sunday 30 January 1972. 18 pieces have photographs enclosed, submitted in evidence to the Inquiry
C HO 233 Home Office: Scarman Inquiry into Red Lion Square Disorders, 1974-1975. Amongst the material given in evidence is a selection of photographs. These have been gleaned from press photographers, the police and members of the public
E INF 9 Central Office of Information: Dixon-Scott Collection: Photographs of the British Isles: The Dixon-Scott collection consists of some 13,000 photographs, the great majority depicting places in the British Isles, arranged topographically. There are also photographs of a few people and some thematic subjects. 1926-1948. Images from this collection can be downloaded online
E INF 10 Central Office of Information: British Empire Collection of Photographs: A collection of about 8,000 photographs illustrating the geography and way of life in British Colonial and Commonwealth territories. The material is arranged topographically by colony or dominion. 1945-1965
E INF 11 British Council Collection: Selection of photographs including pictures of the Metropolitan Police, Windsor Castle, London scenes and Staffordshire potteries. The photographs were taken during the 1930s and 1940s
E INF 14 Ministry of Information and Central Office of Information: Publications Division: Photographs, 1939 to 1979. Selected photographs used to illustrate publicity material issued by the department. It includes photographs of exhibitions and a small collection of photographs of India taken by Cecil Beaton. The majority of the material is arranged thematically, though Beaton’s photographs are by location
C MAF 59 Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food: Board of Agriculture and successors: Women’s Land Army, 1916-1985. There are a number of photographs to be found amongst these papers, mostly depicting the work activities of this force. Almost all of the photographs were taken during the Second World War
E MEPO 13 Metropolitan Police: Public Information Department: Photographs. Photographic prints made from the originals held in the photographic collection of the Department. The photographs illustrate the development of the force, depicting various aspects of police work and equipment including, for example, buildings, vehicles, uniforms, and personnel on duty. 19th and 20th centuries
E MEPO 14 Metropolitan Police: Photographs of Police Stations 1857-1983. Photographs of police stations within the Metropolitan Police area. One set was taken between 1980 and 1983 by the Photographic Branch to provide a complete record of police station buildings; the other contains earlier photographs, with brief histories of the stations attached
C MEPO 35 Metropolitan Police: Aliens Registration Office: Sample Record Cards 1857 to 1983. This series contains the surviving aliens’ registration cards for the London area. These represent some 1,000 cases out of the tens of thousands of aliens resident in London since 1914. Some 75% include a passport sized photograph of the individual registered
C MT 95 Ministry of Transport and successors: Highways Engineering Division, 1929-1981. These papers are concerned with motorway and trunk road schemes in Britain. Photographs, most commonly depicting structural foundations, especially bridges, can be found scattered amongst these files
C MT 98 Ministry of Transport and successors: Vehicle Safety Divisions, 1931-1978. Papers concerned with technical aspects of road safety and practical safety measures, with photographs accompanying reports and assessments
E MT 162 Ministry of Transport and successors: Photographs 1919-1949. Selection of photographs showing streets and amenity service vehicles in Liverpool and Manchester, together with some of railway equipment and crashed train, near Carlisle, 1934
E NSC 27 Post Office Savings Bank: This series contains a collection of photographs illustrating aspects of the work and history of the savings departments from 1880 to 1961
E NSC 32 National Savings Committee for England and Wales, 1950-1960. The photographs in this series were mainly taken in 1940 and 1943 in connection with the war savings campaign. There are a few later photographs of industrial and school savings groups. Most of the photographs were originally used in window displays
C OS 51 Ordnance Survey: Photographs and Pictorial Images, 1950-1969. This series includes 1477 glass lantern slides, providing a record of the exterior and interior of buildings occupied by Ordnance Survey, and equipment used in the surveying and printing of maps
C PCOM 2 Home Office and Prison Commission: Prisons Records, Series 1: Included within this series are ten photograph albums with portraits of individual prisoners, taken between 1870 and 1885. Photographs in two volumes, PCOM 2/290-291, have been digitised and may be viewed online. They are searchable by prisoner’s name
C PCOM 3 Home Office and Prison Commission: Male Licences, 1853-1887. This record series comprises some 770 boxes, each containing several files on individual prisoners. A file will include pro-forma notes of licences to convicts to be at large, and notes of revocation of such licences, under the Penal Servitude Acts 1853 and 1864 endorsed on old captions and, in some cases, transfer papers. From the 1870s the majority of these files will have at least one, annotated photograph of the prisoner
C PCOM 4 Home Office and Prison Commission: Female Licences, 1853-1887. There are 72 pieces in this record series, with each piece containing up to 30 files. The content of each file is similar to that for male convicts described under PCOM 3 above. From the 1870s the majority of these files will have at least one, annotated photograph of the prisoner
C POWE 45 Ministry of Power: Photographs of the development and deployment of PLUTO (Pipe Line Under The Ocean) 1942-1946
C PRO 24 Public Record Office: Photographs of Public Records. No date. These photographs of public records have been transferred to the Library of the Public Record Office
C PRO 30/69 Public Record Office: Amongst the papers of James Ramsay MacDonald can be found numerous photographs, dating from the 1850s to 1930s, of family members, politicians, diplomats, and other dignitaries from Britain and abroad. A number of photographs are holiday snaps taken by family members
C PRO 30/89 Public Record Office: Papers of William Evelyn Wylie, 1881-1964. Included is a range of formal portraits of politicians and dignitaries as well as a selection of holiday snaps from both home and abroad
C PRO 50 Public Record Office: Chancery Lane Building. Included in this series are volumes of photographs of staff and various internal and external views of building, 1896-1965
C PRO 55 Public Record Office: Hayes Site. A volume and further selections of photographs relating to the planning, equipping, maintenance and development of the fabric of the Hayes Intermediate Repository, 1953-1973
C PRO 62 Public Record Office: Kew Site. Five volumes, and further selections, showing staff and facilities. These range from the scenes of flooding in surrounding roads, during 1928, to the visit of HM The Queen on 23 February 1978
C PRO 65 Public Record Office: Former Repositories and Offices: Volume of photographs of various internal and external views from Ashridge, Furnival Street, Hanover Square and British Transport Historical Records, Porchester Road, 1957-1977
C RAIL 1014 Railways: Great Western Railway. Scattered amongst these volumes and files are small collections and individual photographs. They cover a wide range of subjects including staff (grouped or at work), buildings and facilities, locomotives and rolling stock, the permanent way and technical equipment. There is also material pertaining to ancillary concerns such postal facilities and holiday ventures. Photographs are believed to date from the 1840s to the 1940s
C RAIL 1015 Railways: London, Midland and Scottish Railway Company. Photographs, amongst other records, collected principally from the records of the various companies merged to form this new company under the 1921 reorganization. Most photographs are undated but the vast majority are post-1900
C RAIL 1156 Railways: Retired Railway Officers’ Society. 15 Volumes of Society members’ portraits dating from 1909 to 1960
C RAIL 1157 Railways: Tomilinson Collection. Numerous photographs may be found amongst papers used by WW Tomlinson in writing and illustrating his history of the North Eastern Railway which was published in 1914. Subjects covered include tickets, medals, paintings owned by the company, railway stations, facilities and staff, locomotives and rolling stock, and ancillary industries. Most of the photographs are undated but are known to date from the mid-19th century up to the First World War
C RG 54 General Register Office and Office of Population Censuses and Surveys. Four photographs depicting members of staff sorting and indexing for National Registration and the National Health Service Central Register in 1940
C RGO 35 Royal Greenwich Observatory: Associated Material in other Archives: Photographs and other records. These photographs are now deposited with the Royal Greenwich Observatory, and the Department of Manuscripts, University of Cambridge
C RGO 67 Kew Observatory: Solar Photographs. These photographs are now deposited at Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives
C RGO 85 Royal Greenwich Observatory: Gifts and Deposits: Photographs. These photographs are now deposited at Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives
C RGO 118 Royal Greenwich Observatory: Photographic Department: Photographs. These photographs are now deposited at Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives
E RGO 137 Royal Greenwich Observatory: Lunar Plates and Photographs. These photographs are now deposited at Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives
E RGO 138 Royal Greenwich Observatory: Solar Eclipse Plates and Photographs. These photographs are now deposited at Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives
E RGO 139 Royal Greenwich Observatory: Comet Plates and Photographs. These photographs are now deposited at Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives
C RGO 153 Royal Observatory and Royal Greenwich Observatory Stellar Parallax Projects: Records and Photographs. Deposited at Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives
E STAT 20 Stationery Office and HMSO: 448 photographs of central and regional staff, bookshops, buildings, and machines from throughout the history of HMSO, 1875-1991
E SUPP 9 Ministry of Supply and successors: Ordnance Board: Aircraft Data Sheets and Photographs, 1941-1945. This series contains photographs attached to general data sheets of British and American military and naval aircraft. Please note, however, that not all data sheets have a photograph attached
C WO 188 War Office and Ministry of Supply: Chemical Defence Research Department and Chemical Defence Experimental Establishment, Porton, 1916-1985. This series, dealing with experiments on and trials of chemical weapons and protective devices, has numerous photographs scattered amongst its papers
C WO 235 War Office: Judge Advocate General’s Office: War Crimes Case Files, Second World War, 1940-1967. These files consist of daily transcripts of proceedings, prosecution and defence summations. Most files have photographs used as exhibits. Most photgraphs are of the defendant, but some also depict the scene of the crime
C WO 240 War Office: Mulberry Harbour: A miscellaneous collection of 1,388 photographs of the Mulberry Harbour in various stages of construction and during transit across the Channel
C WO 252 War Office: Records of the Inter-service Topographical Department, 1913-1966. These files provide detailed intelligence statements of locations across several theatres of war. Photographs, and prints of photographs, are plentiful throughout the series. Many comprise collected tourist snaps and will give an indication of terrain and man-made features, especially roads and bridges.
C WO 316 War Office: War of 1914-1918: This series consists of 58 aerial and ground photographs taken in Flanders during the First World War. The majority, taken from aircraft, were used for intelligence, mapping and reconnaissance purposes, but the series also contains artillery panoramas which show views of the battlefield taken from artillery positions. You can search within WO 316 using keywords such as name of place. Alternatively browse this series to locate catalogue descriptions at item level.
C WO 317 War Office: War of 1914-1918: This series consists of photographs taken during the Gallipoli Campaign. They include aerial shots and views of captured equipment, ships and battle sites, replete with accompanying statements and sketch maps. A number of photographs have been formed into collages. Photographs dated 1915-1919
E WO 318 War Office: War of 1914-1918: Photographs taken during the Salonika Campaign in Greece. Battlefield Panoramas. These photographs have been transferred to document reference WO 153. However, there is no equivalent description in this record series. The photographs may be those in WO 153/1345. Browse WO 153/1345 to view the catalogue descriptions at item level or search by name of place within WO 153/1345 using Advanced search.
E WO 319 War Office: War of 1914-1918: This series comprises 6 photographs taken during the campaign in Palestine. They were taken from aircraft for survey purposes and show the terrain and towns being fought over, 1916-1918
E WO 320 War Office: Directorate of Weapons and Development: The Department controlled all aspects of weapons development, including research into atomic, bacteriological and chemical warfare. The series of 10 volumes contains photographs of atomic trials at Maralinga, Australia, 1956-1966
E WO 323 War Office: War of 1914-1918: Italian Campaign: This series comprises 12 photographic panoramas of the fighting in the Alpine region near the Austrian border, during the Italian campaign, 1916-1918
E WORK 55 Office of Works and successors: Public Buildings, Overseas: This series consists of photographs, in six volumes, of British consulates in China, Japan, Korea and Thailand, as well as a few other buildings in Hong Kong and Indonesia, taken between 1907 and 1947
E WORK 69 Office of Works and successors: Public Buildings, England and Wales: Photographs of interiors and exteriors of buildings used by Government departments and staff. No photographs have been selected for deposit into this record series, which will now be closed
E WORK 96 formerly WORK 9012 electronic document(s). Photographs of 1869-1870. A single 3D model, showing early proposals for Whitehall c1869-1870, Photographs of 1972 and 1979-82 models: 11 models which fit together to form one large 3D representation of Whitehall from St James Park to the River Thames, and from Westminster Abbey up to, but not including, Horseguards Parade
C ZSPC 11 WE Haywood Collection: This collection of papers pertaining to railways both in Britain and abroad was compiled by the late WE Hayward of Weston-super-Mare. Scattered amongst the papers, files and volumes of material may be found numerous photographs, original and printed