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Taxing foreigners

This is a record of an assessment of the number of foreigners in Westmorland (known as an inquisition). It was made so that alien subsidiesGlossary term - opens in a pop-up window could be levied, and provides detailed information about some of the Scots in the region. Of the foreigners named, 10 were householders in their own right, while 24 were not. Most of these people can be identified as Scottish and many were also servants. Powerful figures such as Sir Nicholas Ratcliffe of Bolton confidently employed Scottish servants. Almost all Scottish people were known by the surname 'Scot' or 'Scotte', suggesting that their real names were unknown to the English.

Catalogue reference: E 179/195/34 m. 2
Westmorland alien subsidy, Appleby (date: 4 April 1440)

Taxing foreigners. Cat ref: E 179/195
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