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Portrait of Elizabeth I

This image of Elizabeth I comes from the plea rollGlossary term - opens in a pop-up window of the Court of Queen's BenchGlossary term - opens in a pop-up window for Easter 1572. At the end of 1571, Elizabeth had learned the full extent of the Ridolfi Plot to bring about a Spanish invasion of England and depose her in favour of Mary Queen of Scots. In the image, the crown imperial above Elizabeth's head and the motto on the throne's canopy (semper eadem - always the same) suggest the strength of her monarchy and her determination to resist conspiracy. Elizabeth's influence over Scottish affairs was demonstrated in April 1573 when her army under Sir William Drury captured Edinburgh from Mary's supporters.

Catalogue reference: KB 27/1241/2

Portrait of Elizabeth I. Cat ref: KB 27/1241
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