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Propaganda: Personalities

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"Winston Churchill" Artist unknown, 1941

Winston Churchill

"Winston Churchill" Artist unknown, 1941

Catalogue ref: INF 3/75Links to the Catalogue

A head and shoulders portrait of Winston Churchill, Prime Minister from May 1940 to July 1945. Previously he had been First Lord of the Admiralty in Chamberlain's wartime government. His early career as an MP gained him many enemies, but his stirring wartime speeches, bulldog tenacity and refusal to make peace with Hitler made him very popular.

Pictures of Churchill and Roosevelt were displayed in factories as an encouragement to workers. Civilian workers, particularly men, needed convincing of the importance of their work. Churchill told war workers that ‘the Front Line runs through the factories', where they were ‘soldiers with different weapons but with the same courage'. Partly to encourage workers, Churchill generally appeared in civilian clothes rather than the military uniform he was entitled to wear. He sought to encourage civilians to believe that he was simply ‘one of the people'. This is evident from this image.