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Propaganda: Home Front

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"Volunteer housewife" by Showell, Unknown date. Pencil, ink wash and gouache on board.

Volunteer housewife

"Volunteer housewife" by Showell, Unknown date

Catalogue ref: INF 3/86Links to the Catalogue

A poster design for the Ministry of Health, illustrated with a friendly, motherly volunteer suburban housewife. She is stepping from a line of members of the uniformed services to receive urban children. This poster was largely aimed at those in reception areas who needed to be persuaded to accept urban children. The more usual audience of parents who needed to be convinced to send their children away to safe areas is also addressed. This image was probably rejected (Note the cross through the centre of the piece) because the people in the image did not appear friendly enough, as an almost identical image designed by Ny was released in its place. (see INF 13/171/6 or IWM PST 8561).