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Propaganda: Home Front

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"Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) girl" by Abram Games, November 1941. Pastel, gauche and airbrushed paint on board


"Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) girl" by Abram Games, November 1941

Catalogue ref: INF 3/116Links to the Catalogue

Described by the art critic Eric Newton as ‘slightly Russianised', this Forces recruitment poster depicts the head-and-shoulders of a uniformed Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) girl. It is printed in two shades of fire-red. Advertiser's Weekly described the ATS girl as ‘fresh and smiling… looking upwards with a gaze of eager enthusiasm'.

Games' previous ATS poster had been removed from the hoardings after complaints were received that the woman depicted was ‘too glamorous'. The ATS used publicity to counteract its poor public reputation. Parents needed to be reassured that if their daughter joined the ATS, she would not get a reputation for being ‘cheap'.