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Ashwell Wood, Leslie

Ashwell Wood had a distinct illustrative style that featured in many books and magazines, notably working as Eagle's longest running artist.

Bateman, HM

Bateman was an artist who, in his own words, ‘went mad on paper'. Having studied drawing and painting at Westminster School of Art and Goldsmiths' College, London, he approached drawing people not as they looked but as they felt - then an unusual concept.


From the age of 13 Blake attended the Camberwell School of Arts and Craft in London, but at the age of 15 he went into the building trade as an architectural draftsman.

Boughley, Arthur

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Cable, Lindsay W

An illustrator of many children's books

Cooper, Austin

Cooper, born in Canada, trained and practised in Britain. He studied at the Cardiff School of Art from the age of thirteen, before winning a scholarship to the Allan-Frazer Art College, Arbroath from 1906 until 1910

Cowes, Dudley S

Cowes most famous work during the Second World War was the Ministry of Health Evacuation Scheme poster ‘Leave this to us sonny - you ought to be out of London'.

Cullen, G.

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Cuneo, Terence

Cuneo began his artistic career as an illustrator, but it was his work as war artist which brought him national recognition. During the Second World War whilst serving briefly with the Royal Engineers, Cuneo was the artist for the Illustrated London News in France.

Davies, Roland

During the Second World War, Davies' realistic genre of comic design and early automotive interests were used at the Ministry of Information as demonstrated in INF 3/1586 from The National Archives' collection.

Derrick, Thomas

Thomas Derrick was a British painter and illustrator of a wide range of books. Born in Bristol, his artistic career also included mural, stained glass and portraiture.

Dugdale, Thomas Cantrell

Dugdale was a book illustrator, illustrating books such as Cinderella.

Embleton, Edwin

Edwin Embleton is most widely recognised for his work as Studio Manager at Odhams Press and, during World War II, in the Publications Division of the Ministry of Information (MOI).


(Frederick) Rowland Emett was a cartoonist and inventor who designed machines for the 1968 film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Evans, Eileen

Eileen Evans joined the Photographic Division of the Ministry of Information, as a filing clerk, but by 1940 her skills as an artist were noticed and she was transferred to the studio, working under Reginald Mount.

Field, AG

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Forster, Harold

Forster was responsible for pre-war ‘Black Magic' chocolate illustrations, and the famous wartime poster ‘Keep Mum, She's Not So Dumb'.

Fougasse (Cyril Kenneth Bird)

Fougasse was best known for his wartime public information posters, such as ‘Careless Talk Costs Lives', however it was during the First World War that his career as a cartoonist took off.

Games, Abram

Games was largely self-taught as a designer, leaving St Martin's School of Art after just two terms in 1930. Yet in 1930s Britain, he still managed to slowly establish himself as a freelance poster designer.

Gardner, James

(Leslie) James Gardner established his reputation as a designer after the Second World War, during which he was the Chief Deception Officer at the Camouflage Training School.

Gentleman, Tom

Tom Gentleman studied at Glasgow School of Art and was a member of the Society of Industrial Artists.

Giles, Carl

Giles was a self-taught animation artist, who worked his way up from office boy in a film company to become, in April 2000, 'Britain's Favourite Cartoonist of the 20th Century'.

Golden, Grace

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Hilder, Rowland

Hilder has been described as ‘the Turner of his generation' following his renowned landscape paintings of the Kent countryside, where he spent most of his life.

Illingworth, Leslie

Illingworth was one of the best-known and respected political cartoonists of the 20th Century, and one of a handful of Welsh cartoonists to have gained international acclaim.


The artist and illustrator Ionicus, whose real name was Joshua Armitage, was a Punch “regular” contributing cartoons and drawings for more than 40 years, but he was best known for his work illustrating the comic world of P. G. Wodehouse.


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Ron Jobson was born in Brixton. He won a scholarship age 13 to the Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, and studied there for 3 years until the outbreak of war in 1939.

Keely, Pat

Patrick Cokayne Keely was a designer of posters, press advertisements and trade matter, producing work for London Transport, Southern Railway and the Post Office before the Second World War.


Born in Egypt, Kem was a political cartoonist and illustrator, who produced over 3,000 propaganda images for the Ministry of Information.

Knight, Laura

Before the Second World War, Laura Knight (née Johnson) was an established artist with a distinguished career, having graduated from Nottingham School of Art (where she met her future husband, the celebrated portrait painter Harold Knight (1874-1961)).

Krogman, W.

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Lacoste, Gerald

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Le Bonn

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Le Witt & Him

Having met in a Warsaw café in 1933, two Polish-born artists Jan Le Witt (1907-1991) and George Him (1900-1981), built upon a friendship to become the highly successful collaborative design partnership Lewitt-Him.

Little, William

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Matania, F.

Matania was one of the most accomplished realistic illustrators and artists of his time, and possibly best know for his work during the First World War when he worked for the Illustrated London News, the Sphere, as well as the British Government.

Mount, Reginald

Having worked as a designer for various advertising agencies in the 1930s, Mount joined the Ministry of Information at the outbreak of the Second World War.

Newbould, Frank

Born in Bradford, Newbould studied at Bradford College of Art before becoming a black and white illustrator and poster artist.

Nockolds, Roy

Born in London, Nockolds was largely a self-taught artist. Described as one of the pioneers of motoring art, Nockolds began sketching and drawing motoring subjects in the mid 1920s.


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Oliphant, Leslie

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Mervyn Peake was a man of many talents; a novelist, poet, playwright, painter and illustrator, and famously a children's writer.

Petts, K.J.

Petts was an illustrator who depicted stories for Boys Own Paper.

Pym, Harold

Pym was born in England where he studied fine art in London. During the 1930s Pym's work covered everything from portraits and illustrations for London weekly and national daily newspapers.


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Rumbold, Gilbert

Rumbold was an illustrator who contributed artwork in the early 1930s to the quintessential Savoy Cocktail Book.


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Stone, Marc

Marcus Stone was born in Leeds 1909 and died in Brighton & Hove in 1991. He was educated at the Slade School of Art.


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Turner, Charles E.

Charles E. Turner was an artist who exhibited at the Royal Academy in London, and specialised in landscape and marine views.

Uptton, Clive

Uptton appeared to specialise in religious imagery, including 121 images for the 1960s Egermeier's Bible Story Book.

Vicky (Victor Weisz)

The caricaturist and cartoonist Victor Weisz, known as Vicky, was born in Berlin but registered for a Hungarian passport. As a member of the Jewish community with openly socialist political opinions, his Hungarian passport helped Vicky leave Germany soon after Adolf Hitler gained power in 1933.

Watson, Clixby Charles

Illustrator of books and magazine covers.


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An illustrator for many books and magazines.

Wood, Charles

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Yates-Wilson was an illustrator for books, featuring in the ‘Alice in Wonderland' editions.

Ziegler, Richard

Ziegler was a German painter who, despite having no formal training, experimented with a range of different techniques and styles. Having travelled around Europe in the 1920s, spending time in France, Switzerland and Italy, Ziegler decided to emigrate to England.