Minutes of 'Loyal Britons' meeting, Lambeth, December 1793
PRO HO 42/27, no. 625

Association of Loyal Britons held at the Castle Mount Rows
Lambeth Surrey Dec. the 16th. 1793

Thomas Harvey Gentleman in the Chair

Resolved Unanimously That this Society will prosecute all such Person or Persons who shall be detected in the attempt of Circulating Inflammatory Papers Pamphlets or Conversations that may in any respect tend to promote disorder or otherwise endanger the Peace of Civil Society
Resolved Unanimously that this Association will upon every occasion lend their united aid to the Executive Government in the protection and Preservation of the invaluable Constitution of Great Britain,
Resolved Unanimously that in order to effect our laudable design We Publish those our sentiments to induce the loyal and well disposed Brother Citizens, throughout Great Britain and Ireland to join our Example for the preservation of our envied but Glorious Constitution
Resolved Unanimously the more effectually to carry our intentions into Execution that Messrs. Taylor, Scarr, Harvey, Oakley and White be appointed as a Committee to receive and Communicate to this Association such Information from time to time as they shall respectively think necessary,
Resolved That the thanks of this meeting be given to the Chairman for his Able Polite attention and assistance, upon the present Occasion,
Thomas Harvey Chairman


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