'Mischief so scandalous and flagrant'
Catalogue reference: SP 44/64, p. 225

Whitehall 10 Aprill [16]84
You will hear from severall hands of the disorders that His Maj[es]ty is offended at, in Hales Owen, in your neighbourhood, and your advice will be desired what is best to be done to suppresse and p[re]vent the growth of that mischief there. I shall therefore trouble you but with a question collaterall to it, which is, what is the most effectuall course that can be taken for the app[re]hending of those non-conforming ministers who are no lesse that 7 as His Maj[es]ty is informed that have their residence at Birmingham, & take their excursions to spread their sedition at Hales Owen and other places. It is mischief so scandalous and flagrant this it requires p[re]sent remedy and I w[ou]ld be glad to see it administred as an effect of your prudence as well as authority in yt [that] place. Your affections to the publick and your zeale for the Kings service being soe great that I wish you frequent occasions to approve yourself what you are in point of loyalty & conduct.
I am etc.
To S[i]r Charles Holt Kn[igh]t and Bar[one]t att Aston

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