Dorothy Rastell, rogue vintner
Catalogue reference: E 176/7/16

This indenture tripartite made the xxvth day of September in the thirteenth yeare of the reigne of our sovereign lady Elizabeth by the Grace of God etc. Between Richard Ellis of Westham in the county of Essex, gent deputy and assigne of Edward Horsey esquire Captaine of our said sovereign lady of her highness' Isle of Wight of the first part and Dorothie Rastell of Brymmyngeham in the countie of Warwick, widow of the second part and Roger King and John Shelton bailiffs of the town of Brymmyngdham aforesaid of the third part. Witness that wheare the said Dorothie Rastell hath sithence the 26th day of September in the eighth year of our sovereign lady until the delivering hereof, used had and kept one tavern or wine sellar within the said town without lawfull warrant or authoritie and hath bought or solde and uttered in gross and retail by less and greate measure the number and quantity of thirty tonnes of all kinde of wines at higher prices than be licensed and appointed by the statute made in the seventh year of our late sovereign lord King Edward the sixte, and other lawes and statutes of this realm, contrary to the intent and expresse words and meaning of the same lawes and statutes. By reason whereof the same Dorothy Rastell hath incurred the damage of the pains, penalties and forfeitures conteyned in the same statutes and thereby forfeited to our said sovereign ladie dyverse and greate somes of money, which, being demanded, by the extremitie and severitie of the said lawes and statutes might and wolde turne to the utter undoinge of the said Dorothie Rastell. Albeit our said sovereigne ladie meaninge to forbeare towards all men offending herein, which knowing theire offences and deserved punishment for the same shall humblie and thankfullie submytt and conforme them selfes to Agree reasonable fines or sommes of money for theire dischardge as by her trustie and well beloved servant Edward Horsey or his deputie or deputies, assigne or assignes shall be compounded concluded or agreed upon in manner and form in her majestie's letters patent mencioned. And therefore in consideration of 20 shillings of lawful Money of England paid by the said Dorothy Rastell to the said Richard Ellis in the name of a fine...; the said Richard Ellis doth presente release, aquitt, pardonne, and dischardge the said Dorothie Rastell for and concerning all and singular the said offences, contempts, acts, defaults, negligences and misdemeanours have been committed or doen by the said Dorothie Rastell her servants deputies assigns of anie of them against the said lawes and statutes.
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