Writ authorising payment of expenses to Walter de Thorne,
knight of the shire for Kent, 1318
Catalogue reference: C 219/330/7

Edwardus Dei gratia Rex Anglie Dominus hibernie & Dux Aquitanie vicecomiti Kanc' salutem. Precipimus tibi sicut alias precepimus quod de communitate comitata predicta tam infra libertates quam extra habere facias dilecto et fideli nostro Waltero de Thorne militi eiusdem comitatus nuper pro communitate illius de mandato nostro ad Parliamentum nostrum apud Ebor' a die Pasche anno regni nostri duodecimo in unum mensem convocatum venienti ad tractandum ibidem super diversis & arduis negociis nos & statum regni nostri tangentibus expensas suas in veniendo ad don' Parliamentum nostrum ibidem morando usque vicesimum quartum diem tunc proximam sequentem ex inde ad propria redeundo videlicet per diem quatuor solidas vel causam nobis significes quare mandatum nostrum alias tibi inde directum exequi noluisti vel non potuisti. Teste me apud Westm' septimo die Novembris anno regni nostri quartodecimo.


Edward, by God's grace king of England, lord of Ireland, and duke of Aquitaine, to the sheriff of Kent, greeting. We order you, as we have previously ordered you, to collect from the community of the said county, both within liberties and without, for our beloved and faithful Walter de Thorne, knight, who lately by our command, came on behalf of the community to our Parliament at York at Easter day in the twelfth year of our reign to be held for the space on one month, to deliberate with us on various matters especially concerning us and the state of our kingdom, his reasonable expenses for coming to us at our said Parliament, staying there for twenty four days then following, that is 4s per day, and returning home from there, as has customarily been done on other similar occasions. Witnessed by myself at Westminster 8th day of November the fourteenth year of our reign (1320).


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