Rebellion and royal justice in Birmingham
Catalogue reference: KB 9/138, m. 7

Henry by the grace of God King of England and of France and Lord of Ireland. To our trusty and welbeloved William Husse, knight, and other his felawes our Justices of Oyer and Terminer to enquire within our counties of Warwickshire and Worcestershire by virtue of oure commission to you directed of all manner treasons, felonies, murders, rebellions, insurrections, misprisions and other divers articles and offences in our said commission specified, greeting. Where as Alexander Preest late of Bourton upon Dunsmoor in our countie of Warwick, husbandman, and William Gee late of Lymington Hastings in our countie aforesaid, husbandman late before you our said Justices at our sessions at Birmingham holden before our said commission be indicted of divers trespasses, contempts and misprisions the whiche indictments resten before you of recorde whereupon process is awarded against the said Alexander Preest and William Gee for our interest in that behalf to their utter impoverishing without our grace especiall be shewed unto them in this behalf. We for divers considerations as meaning of our own mere motion will and charge you that ye from henceforth surcease in making out any process against the said Alexander Preest of William Gee or either of them for the premises. And if any process be made or awarded against them or either of them that than ye command our wellbeloved Henry Herman clerc of our Crown to make out our writ or writs of Supersedeas to such Sheriff or Sheriffs as the process is awarded or made unto. As ye intend to do unto us right singular pleasure. And this our letters shall be unto you or any of you and to our saide clerc of our Crown sufficient warrant and discharge in that behalf. Geiven under our Privy Seal at our Palayce of Westminster the xxth daie of Juyll the first yere of oure Reign.
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