Cocking a snook at Star Chamber
Catalogue reference: STAC 8/149/1

Simon Grover of Hampton in Arden, clerk v. Edward, son of William Colemore of Birmingham, Mercer and Edward Ensor and John Walker his servants.
To our moste gracious soveraign lord the Kings moste excellente majestie. In moste humble manner complayninge sheweth unto your moste excellente majestie your highnes faithfull and obedient subjecte Simon Grover of Hampton in Arden your majestie's countye of Warwicke, clerke. That whereas one Edward Colemore of Birmyngham in the said countye of Warwicke, mercer, a man of a very covetous mind and craftye disposition and very contentious amongst his neighbours and one that seeketh by unlawful courses and practices to inrich himself to the greate ympoverishinge of your Highness subjects dwelling in the said County and one that standeth convicted in your majestie's court of Star Chamber of libelling and publishing of a libel and other misdemeanours and for which he was by the same courte censured and adjudged to be imprisoned and to weare a paper on his heade conteyninge his offence in some open place in the said county which censure and punishmente hath not as yt byn executed on him but deferred upon some his false suggestions and pretences of reformation of his life and behaviour towards your Majesty and your loyal subjects. By reason of which your Highness clemency and favor of the said court towards him he hath byn the more imboldened to committe the like offences and misdemeanours. For that the said Edward Colemore without any just cause or ground of suite of purpose to vexe your said subject by a feyned and frivolous suite in law to draw some some of money from him. Perjuries, subornations of perjuries, false oaths, unlawfull mayntenance badd practises, feyned suites, cosynage, frauds, deceipts, offences and misdemeanours before mencioned tende to the pernicious and dangerous examples of such other likewise disposed persons to commit the like if condigne punishmente be not therefore inflicted upon them for the same.


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