Claiming English citizenship, 1482
Catalogue reference: E 28/92/20

……afore that tyme for the partie of Richard Whele otherwise called Richard Pierson decreed made yeven and declared contrarie and ayenst John Fortescue squire in maner and fourme and under the thenure that foloweth. In the matier of question and contrauersie betwixt John Fortescue squire and Richard Whele otherwise called Pierson of that the said John Fortescue alleggith and seith that the said Richard is a Scotte borne and thalligiance of the King of Scottis and for such oon hath take hym and in possession as his prisoner and the said Richard evidently proving the contrarie and that he is an Englissheman borren and noo Scotte as in the writings of the said Fortescue for his partie and also of the Richard for his defence it is conteigned all at large whiche matier longe hath hanged in the kinges counsaill undecided. Therfore the xxti daye of Nouembre the kinges counsaill undecided. Therfore the xxiti daye of Nouembre the xxiti yere of the reigne of our soueraigne lord the King Edwarde the iiiith in the sterre Chambre at Westminster afore the lordes of the Kinges Counsaill the said writings for either parties with all such evidences and proves by auctorite examined and by grete deliberacion seen and understanded. And after either of the said parties bothe in thaire owne persone as by thair counsaill at diuers tymes diligently herde in all that they coude or wolde allege and saie in that behalf it appered to the lordes of the said counsaill that the said Richard Whele otherwise called Pierson is and was an Englissheman borne and noo Scotte and that he was borne in the towne of Newcastell upon Tyne and therefore it is considered adiuged and decreed by the same lordes the same Richard so to be holden taken and reputed amongst all the kinges lige people and subiectes and as the kinges ligeman to be demeaned and entreated in all places and noon otherwise and to be at his large and freedome to do that hym semeth good as the kinges subiecte oweth to doo withoute trouble lette or empechement and the said John Fortescue to be putte and so was putte to perpetuell silence of further besynes sute or vexacion of the said Richard for the cause aboue pretended in tyme to come in any manerwise…..

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