Abjuring the realm
Catalogue reference: KB 27/467, m. 9d

….Qui quidem Iohannes Baltre coram ipso Iohanne, coronatore, se ipsum reddere prisone et iure Anglie stare omnino recusabat set se ispum tanquam felonem domini Regis coram predicto Iohanne, coronatore, regnum Anglie optulit abiurare. Et super hoc predictus Iohanne Baltre cognouit quod die iouis proximo ante festum Pasche anno predicti Regis quadragesimo actauo felonice furatus fuit apud Wodeford' in comitatu essex' de abate de Waltham quemdam equm precii quadraginta sex solidorum et octo denariorum et de quodam alio homine vnam clocam precii trium solidorum et vnam zonam et bursam precii duodecim denariorum, et pro illa felonia et pro aliis diuersis feloniis coram predicto Iohanne, coronatore, confessis, tactis, sacrosanctis ewangeliis more consueto, regnum Anglie abiurauit in hec verba: Hoc audis, coronator, quod ego, Iohannes Baltre, pro diuersis feloniis coram te prius recognitis et confessis quas feci exiam extra regnum Anglie et numquam illicite reuertar sine licencia speciali Edwardi Regis nunc aut heredum suorum, sic Deus me adiuuet etc. Et sic idem Iohannes Baltre per sacramentum suum more solito iter suum arripuit versus portum de Douorre quem elegit, itinerando qualibet die duodecim leucas quousque ad dictum portum euenerit in alta regia nisi causa racionabili impediatur…..

…And John Baltre flatly refused before the said John, the coroner, to surrender himself to prison and abide by the law of England, but offered before the aforesaid John, the coroner, to abjure the realm of England as the king's felon. And thereupon John Baltre confessed that on Thursday before the Feast of Easter in the forty-eighth year of the [reign of the] aforesaid king at Woodford in the county of Essex he feloniously stole from the abbot of Waltham a horse worth forty-six shillings and eight pence and from another man one cloak worth three shillings and one belt and pouch worth twelve pence. And on account of that felony and of various other felonies which he confessed before the aforesaid John, coroner, he abjured the realm of England, touching the Holy Gospels in the customary manner, in these words: 'Hear this, coroner, that, on account of various felonies I have committed and have already acknowledged and confessed before you, I, John Baltre, will depart from the realm of England, and never will I illicitly return without special leave of the present king Edward or his heirs, so help me God etc'. And so by his oath the said John Baltre set off on his journey in the customary way to the port of Dover which he had chosen, to travel twelve leagues every day on the king's highway until he reached the said port unless he is prevented by reasonable cause….

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