Dorothy Rastell, rogue vintner

This record of the fine imposed on Dorothy Rastell mentions two sorts of offence. It is stated that she sold wine at too great a price (a genuinely regulatory element); and that she sold it without a licence from the monopolist (which was a pure moneymaking exercise for the Crown and its favourites). Dorothy Rastell may have been guilty on both counts - a Chancery case from 20 years earlier shows a Dorothy Rastell overcharging for fish on Palm Sunday in Lichfield.

The document is a 'pro forma' (i.e. the text is prewritten, with blank spaces for the names to be filled in). The seals are those of the monopolist's deputy, Richard Ellis, and two Birmingham bailiffs. Dorothy Rastell's 'mark' is in the bottom right-hand corner.
Catalogue reference: E 176/7/16 (25 September 1571)



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