Knowledge underpins organisational learning

Organisational learning in this context is the ability of the organisation to benefit from the collective knowledge of its individuals, and apply it through training, changes in procedures, policies, ways of working or technology to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Thus there is a direct correlation between sharing and re-use of knowledge and improvements in the organisation.


Establishing culture, policies and practices that encourage diverse knowledge sharing ensures that knowledge has the potential to be utilised as fully as possible across an organisation. It also enables the capture and re-use of knowledge.

Implications for Knowledge Management Strategy

  • Knowledge management is explicitly recognised as a core component of organisational learning
  • Knowledge management is a combination of soft skills and effective resourcing
  • Knowledge sharing and seeking should be recognised and rewarded
  • The expectation that knowledge will be shared and re-used is embedded at all levels
  • Knowledge sharing across the organisation is monitored and reviewed
  • Tools to support knowledge sharing are provided