Knowledge underpins individual learning

Knowledge is the cornerstone of learning, both classroom and workplace based. The understanding of learning needs, the content of the learning and the assimilation of the learning either come from an individual / team’s knowledge or add to an individual team’s knowledge.

Real value lies in on the job learning – the opportunity to supplement training / education with up-to-date knowledge from someone doing the job. This is what makes apprenticeships so effective – the blend of classroom and on the job learning.

Exposure to ‘new’ knowledge, experience and skills is assimilated by the individual to form fresh knowledge – the very definition of learning.


We cannot learn as individuals if we cannot either experience new things or be exposed to knowledge gleaned through benefiting from others’ experiences and skills. We need this to add to or challenge our own understanding of the world, and thus our own knowledge.

Without sharing and access to others’ knowledge the opportunities to learn are significantly diminished.

Implications for Knowledge Management Strategy

  • Exposure to others’ knowledge is essential for an individual to learn
  • Learning is a key benefit of sharing knowledge
  • Knowledge is a key enabler in developing educational and learning courses