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Human Rights

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A complete list of all the supporting documents for the time periods between 1215 and 1945.

1815 - 1848

A page from "The Glorious Working of the Whigs depicting 'Grinding the Poor'"

Date: 1836. Catalogue reference: MH 32/60

Words in bold are approximations. If any word is missing or smudged beyond recognition it is marked [XXXX].


Jan. 2nd, PRICE ONE PENNY. 1836.

Jack Straw & the Polar Star

INDEED! SIR EDWARD you're not courteous, In fact, your Language don't please half of us; When Gentlemen have spoken, Sir, in court, They seldom like to be brow-beaten for't; Much less to be degraded lower still, By hearing threat'ning hints of the Tread-mill; And shall the honor'd Guardians of the Poor, Be sent the Tread-wheel horrors to explore, Because they dare to speak in their own Hall, To advocate the cause of one and all? Or must they servilly stand still in awe, And side with you like that old black Jack Straw? Or else be sent to the Felon's Wheel, Which makes hard hearts, e'en hearts of flint to feel! C-mm-ss--n-r or not, SIR EDWARD P---Y, Than see you more -we'd sooner see Old Harry!

Thus much, Sir, for Ourselves we dare to plead, And now, Sir, for our Poor - who stand in need Of lodgings, raiment, food and every thing That honest labour should to poor folks bring!

Why should the Whigs raise up their Prisons high With Gloomy fronts, and walls that reach the sky; Are such dark Dungeons to immure a band of Rogues and Swindlers that infest the land? "No!" some cry, - "They are for one crime more The crime of being old, infirm, and poor!"

O Heaven! Assist us how to make reply, To such cold, base, and selfish villany! What! Trample on their rights, and herd them there In close confinement - e'en to speak nor dare! And the mis'rable creatures you would feed With scanty pittances - ah! small indeed! You say they're Paupers, that's indeed too true; But tell us, Sir Edward - Pray what are You? Perhaps you think it right to domineer, And drive your Measures by exciting fear? Be tame, kind, don't bully - Good Sir Ned, And show at once you've been humanely bred; Tell they base Whigs - the Plund'rers of the Poor, To ope their hearts, and not the Workhouse-door.

TO THE PUBLIC. - [XXXX] are sorry to state, there is not time at present to answer a truly contemptible Letter, signed "A [XXXX]" which appeared in one of our Local Papers, (well known as The Weathercock) Date [XXXX] - "But let the gall'd jade wince!" - We beg to inform our Friends that in consequence [XXXX] Abuse therein levelled at our Thrifty Publication (The Waggeries for [XXXX]), that we have a for the Party concerned, which will appear in a short period.

Printed by Davy & Berry, Albion Office, St. Andrew's

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