How to look for records of... Nonconformist and non-parish births, marriages and deaths 1567-1969

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You can search and download birth, marriage and death records from nonconformist, non-parish and overseas sources 1567-1969.

These are selected digitised records from a variety of record collections held at The National Archives:

  • registers of births, baptisms, deaths, burials and marriages in RG 4
  • birth certificates from the Presbyterian, Independent and Baptist Registry and from the Wesleyan Methodist Metropolitan registry from 1742-1840 in RG 5
  • Society of Friends’ (Quakers) registers, notes and certificates of births, marriages and burials from 1578-1841 in RG 6
  • registers and notebooks of clandestine marriages and baptisms in the Fleet Prison, King’s Bench Prison, the Mint and the May Fair Chapel from 1667-c1777 in RG 7
  • registers of births, marriages and deaths surrendered to the Non Parochial Registers Commission of 1857 in RG 8
  • overseas births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials abroad and on British & foreign ships, of British subjects, nationals of the colonies, the commonwealth and countries under British jurisdiction in RG 32
  • overseas birth, marriage, death and burial of British subjects including those on board ships in RG 33
  • overseas Foreign Marriage Returns from 1861-1921 in RG 34
  • miscellaneous Foreign Death Returns from 1791-1921 in RG 35
  • registers in the protectorates etc of Africa and Asia from 1895-1965 in RG 36
  • registers of births, deaths and marriages of passengers at sea from the Registry of Shipping and Seamen from 1854-1908 in BT158
  • registers of deaths at sea of British nationals from the Registry of Shipping and Seamen from 1875-1888 in BT159
  • registers of births at sea of British nationals from the Registry of Shipping and Seamen from 1875-1891 in BT160

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