What was the role of Special Operations Executive and what kind of people worked for it?

Getting kitted with gadgets and suicide pills

Extracts from a film called "Now It Can Be Told" produced by the RAF Film Production Unit for the British Government in 1946 about the work of British agents during the war.

Catalogue ref: IWM RMY 78
Courtesy of the Imperial War Museum, London.

Officer: Here are your papers "Felix".

Male agent: Good.

Officer: Identity card, ration card, demobilization.

Male agent: Thank you.

Officer: Have you got your British Card? Good. Micro-photos of your targets?

Male agent: Oh yes.

Officer: Some small money that will be useful.

Male agent: Good.

Officer: And the money belt.

Male agent: Thank you very much.

Officer: Here are your papers. Can I have your British identity card?

(Female agent hands this over)

Officer: Good. Here's some lose money. Now you have your codes and WT plan haven't you?

Female agent: Yes, they were given to me in London.

Officer: Oh good. Felix, here are your lethal tablets.

Male agent: Thanks very much.

(Officer hands him a cork)

Male agent: How's it work?

Officer: Oh, I'll show you.

Male agent: In a cork, very neat! Thank you.

Officer: And "Cat", your tablets are in the lipstick.

Female agent: I see. Thank you.

Officer: Right.