What was the role of Special Operations Executive and what kind of people worked for it?

An SOE mission

Extracts from a film called "Now It Can Be Told" produced by the RAF Film Production Unit for the British Government in 1946 about the work of British agents during the war.

Catalogue ref: IWM RMY 78
Courtesy of the Imperial War Museum, London.

Interviewer: I want you both to go to occupied France.

Female agent: France?

Male agent: How?

Interviewer: By sea or air, only you won't be going in uniform.

Male agent: What do we do when we get there?

Interviewer: Organise resistance. Act as liaison officers with London.

Male agent: Will we be working together?

Interviewer: I hope so. Miss Williams will be your wireless operator. I don't need to say that the job is dangerous and difficult. That must be obvious to you both. Are there any questions before you decide?

Female agent: What made you pick on us?

Interviewer: It wasn't just haphazard. We make extensive inquiries before we recruit our people.

Male agent: Do you think that we are right people for the job?

Interviewer: We're sure of it.

Male agent: All right, I'm on!

Female agent: Of course!