Should we give Stalingrad the George Cross?

Extract from a British newsreel called Liberation of Stalingrad- Epic Report, March 1943

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The Russian ring closes round the 6th German Army at Stalingrad. The great liberation offensive bears down on 22 trapped Nazi divisions representing 330,000 doomed men. The end of 163 days of siege.

The history of warfare has never known such an encirclement and annihilation of so large a number of regular troops.

Hundreds of thousands of bodies lie frozen and in around the city. Almost as many died in the appalling conditions of the last few weeks. They rot in the land which they wanted to enslave.

Field Marshall Paulus's army has been eaten away by the Soviet forces and now nothing remains of it. The twisted, disordered relics of an army committed to destruction by Adolph Hitler.

Before the final surrender the advance line of this legion of lost men was strung out across the open spaces once the residential quarter of worker's settlement General Rokosovsky, Marshall Voronhov and General Batar.

Three names which will live in the immortal story of Stalingrad. Marshall Voronhov, representative of the High Command, figured prominently in the dramatic capture of Paulus.

Russian gunners firing point black over open sights at the remaining points of enemy resistance.

Amazing pictures which show the final hours of fighting in Stalingrad as the last strongholds are silenced.

The Nazis lay down their arms. The voice of the Moscow commentator who described these official newsreel pictures to Russian audiences is heard telling how whole detachments gave themselves up when the end came.