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Full Transcript- source 4
These photographs show four prisoners from Oxford Gaol. Their photographs were taken because the government was trying to prove a theory that criminals looked different from other people. They were hoping to use the photographs to reach conclusions about what criminals looked like so that they could then be easily spotted!
(Catalogue ref: PCOM 2/352)

[D=Days, HL=Hard Labour, Stlg=Stealing]. Note that Photograph 2 uses old currency: pounds, shillings and pence.

Photograph 1 (Top left)
William Adams 20 Alias Smith
9 May 1870
21 Days HL Stlg: Waistcoat
collar and handkerchief

Photograph 2 (Top right)
Martha Herbert 12
23 Feb. 1871
Stlg: £1-12-6 [£1.62½] 42 D

Photograph 3 (Bottom right)
William Maisey 34
30 April 1870
Stlg a peck of oats 28 days HL

Photograp 4 (Bottom left)
Elizabeth Hinton 43
28 June 1869
Unlawful wounding 7 days HL