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Read the time lines to help you answer this activity.

You now have to answer the question, `How did the railways change the Leisure activities of the Victorians?` Look back at the eight sources and then try the activity. You will be given your score at the end. On the left of the screen are eight statements, each refers to one of the sources. Using the drop down menu on the right, match the source number to the statement, then press submit for your result.

  This source shows that railway companies ran their own excursions to the seaside.
  This source suggests that you needed money to go on certain excursions
  These sources suggest that football was becoming a popular spectator sport.
  1 This source shows that all different types of people went to the races.
  3 This source suggests that Victorians were very modest, even when enjoying themselves.
This source provides evidence of how railway companies catered for  different classes of people to go to events like the Great Exhibition.
This source suggests that sport could be used in advertising.
  This source suggests that sport had personalities who became famous.